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Sister of Battle conversions 2.0


so with my desire to improve my sculpting, greenstuff & conversion skills, I felt it was time to go back to doing sister of battle conversions that I’m actually happy with (I have higher standards than I let on.

so on a hunch, I ordered some Dark Eldar warriors to see how the conversions looked. I still need to do some green stuff work and source heads, backpacks and some other bits, but so far I’m looking forward to when I get everything I need:

the old metal sister here is to show scale and the source of the regular backpack. scale wise the Dark Eldar are slightly taller than the metal battle sisters but only by a little bit which likely will change if GW ever realizes just how much money plastic sisters will make them. heck even if gw released a conversion kit that works in tandem with the Dark Eldar warriors that would be excellent though of couse giving the sisters of battle the grey knight or sisters of silence would be great. but I’ll end it here before this post descends into a rant


current additions list/ donations wishlist for army additions

– hektari 3 pdf:
* needed additions: 5 infantry squads, 2 sniper special squads, 3 heavy weapons squads, 3 mortar squads, more transports, hq units. needing 80 of this 1 cultist:
Lots of Cadian Arms

– Hektarian 903rd:
needed additions: 1 company commander, 2 platoon commanders, 1 infantry squad, 2 heavy weapons squads, 2 mortar squads, 2 sniper squads = lots of cadian kits + victoria over 100 miniatures pickleprick gasmask heads

Laviathan command vehicle needed bits: 1 baneblade kit, 3 baneblade additionals sponsons, thin plastic card, sentinel and taurox prime crews, rhino internal hull divider x6, Sanctum Imperialis set with extra belcony fencing, one full aquilla from the shrine to the aquilla kit (though I’m debating if i really need this)

Shepard armoured carriers: 1 leman russ kit or tank with movable sponsons, one aditional set of LR sponsons, chimera track sets, track covers for both russ and chimera tracks, 1 unassembled munitorium shipping container,
I want to build three of these tanks

hydra wyrdvan kits x3,
manticore kit x1,
basalisk kit x3
leman russ battle tank or kit x 3
Leman russ exterminator (old semi metal kit) x1
Leman russ Exterminator (Recent kit)
Leman Russ punisher x3
Leman Russ execution x1

stormlord x2
stormhammer (I will be conversion building this using a baneblade
Hammk’s walker: bits needed before i can start: LR hull sponson mount
Start Collecting Militarium tempestus box set x4
Cadian shock trooper: bodies, legs, heavy weapons team heads

Individual character models
Plastic commissar kit x2 (one to be mounted on a tank
Metal book and powerfist commissar
Arch Confessor Kyrinov (oop
needed – 25 vigilators, 20 witchseekers, 20 Pursecutors, one unassembled kit, 5 rhinos (which will be converted converted gunners on the pintle gunners and commanders),
Battle sisters:
+ 2 retibutor heavy bolter squads: consisting of stormbolter superior (with helmet), 4 heavy bolters
+ 3 retributor heavy flamer squads: consisting of combi flamer, 4 heavy flamer
+ 2 dominion melta squads: consisting of: combi melta, 4 melta guns
+ 2 dominion flamer squads: consisting of: combi flamer, 4 flamer
+ 3 dominion stormbolter squads: 5 storm bolters (one model with chainsword weapon
+ 3 serephim squads: consisting of:  2 with two inferno pistols, 1 with hand flamer
+ 3 battle sisters squads: storm bolter, melta gun, heavy flamer
+ 2 cannoness (one to be duel inferno pistol or combi plasma and power mace
+ 1 Celestine with gemini
+ 2 exorcists
+ 5 penitant engines
+ 40 death cult assassins (witch ealves with skitarii ruststalker gasmask heads)
+ 16 crusaders: bits needed per model: Cultist legs (specific model), Militarium tempestus torso, arms from forementioned cultist or skitarii sleave arms, power swords and stormshields from the vanguard veteran kit, sister of battle helmet from the immolator and exorcist kits
+ lots of rhinos, immolators
+ 3 or more Repressors (I’m conversion building them but i need rhinos
So this army is likely to be the army that teaches me to sculpt as I’m not satisfied with my current conversions. though I will be modifying some of the existing conversions with greenstuff. I’m also likely to change the army’s design to reflect celestine’s breast plate which is on the outside of the corset not under it (like every other model in their range) as from the perspective of an Battle Sister Cosplayer it looks better on the outside rather then how the models have it
World Shields Space marine chapter (black Templar army trait)
+ 4 crusader squads (ten marines, 9 scouts
+ 2 Assault squads
+ 2 Vanguard veteran squads
+ 2 Devastators
+ 2 Terminator squads (one using Betrayal at Calth terminators)
+ 2 Assault Terminator squads (one using betrayal at calth terminators)
+ 4 land raiders (likely the initial models will be scratch built but later replacedit should be noted the world shields are a long term plan

rulebooks I’m going to need:
– Core rulebook with all the rules in it
– Codex Astra militarium
– Chapter Approved
– imperial armour index AM/IA
– Codex Space Marines
– Index Imperium 1
– Imperial Armour index space marines imperial agents
– Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

Horus Heresy wishlist:
So for ages now I’ve been wanting to start 30k but well forgeworld is beyond my budget but if anyone wants to get me stuff here is my wishlist:

Core rules for heresys
Horus heresy book 7 inferno

Sisters of Silence:
4x Sisters Of Silence Kharon Pattern Acquisitor
2x Sisters of Silence Prosecutor Cadre Upgrade Set

Solar Auxilia units:
– Malcador Infernus x3
– Malcador Defender x3
– Dracosian Armoured Transport
– Leman Russ Incinerator x3
– 3x Rapier quad weapons platform conversion: razorback lascannon turret and x2 lascannons, kataphron breachers track units, taurox prime gunner seat + legs + gunner arms
– 3x Rapier quad mortar
– tank crews/pintle gunners

– Solar Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Squad x 3

as for my infantry they will be a conversion build heavy armour as when i look at solar auxilia I only see 20th century deap sea divers not soldiers so instead I’ll be using a mix of Age of Sigmar and 40k bits to make them. if I end up with the books to play I’ll show the conversion properly but think Hammk’s art for where I’m getting my inspiration (I’m in the gathering and templating stage to replicate his walker

well thank you for reading

Star Wars Legion my conversion plans

so with star wars legion coming out this year I figured why not cover some of the things I want to do with forces for my collection!

so the base box set comes with both imperial and rebel forces and while I want to leave them unconverted they may well get painted differently:


in part because I love the force colour schemes from force unleashed:

501st stormtroopers:

Rahm Kota’s Militia:

so I’ve liked rahm kota’s militia since I first encountered them in the ps2 version of force unleashed, indeed some of their equipment inspired props I made for a larp group I ran back in highschool. I will likely procure a different model to convert into rahm kota whom will use luke skywalker’s rules till fantasy flight release other “jedi” type characters. or if the scale is compatible it other 28 millimetre gaming miniatures I may conversion build him from other bits



Addon forces:
Imperial 21st Nova Corps “Galactic Marines”

So on many levels the bad-ass that is the galactic marines were just a repaint of the snow trooper costume, a repaint I intend to do. though I will likely convert another model to count as their legendary commander Baka. as for if I give them their own hero what I might do is get an Inquistor in the event inquistors get models or a model (or if I can find something similar

As for the battlefields I’ll be making they will be based in part on battle maps from the original SW battlefront (not the 2015 version). the maps I aim to make will be the two Rhen Var maps

So I really loved these maps in bf1 and was sad when they were dropped in bf2, are some of my favourite in maps in the game, one is a port map which has a mountain in the middle of the map, which made for some really cool variant games as some battles were dense tunnel fights while others were close quarters tank fighting over four command posts.

while I aim to set up A yavin or kashyyyk map though this map will be a swamp map that will get used in 40k games too. I’m also considering setting up a Bespin map though I’ll likely reference either battlefront one or Jedi Knight 2 for map design.

thanks for reading

Reinforcements: Abhuman regiment: 48th Bullmark Strong Arms!

so I’m going to be conversion building (or mainly greenstuff modding) Ogors into orgryn for this campaign as I really like the idea of making something truly custom for my guard

the orgryn of Bullmark are renown for both their lacking a sense of claustrophobia which their kind are normally known for and an aptitude for toxic warzones, in part this is due to the surface of their world being toxic due to ancient nuclear conflicts resulted in them retreating below the surface. in addition to this it is common for their forces to be equipped with gas-masks which add a terrifying impersonal aspect to their giant aesthetic.

I will be building both Ogryn and Bulgryn as both are awesome, I will be doing custom bone’eds too and two hero units both a bodyguard and a counts as Norm Dedog whom will be their head boss bone’ed. plus a custom commissar or two not to execute them but as commissars can be found be fill the role of intermediary between these abhuman forces and other regiments though in lore said commissars do get looked down on by others for working with mutants (even though ogryn are an accepted mutation)  

the fun part for me is definitely going to be sculpting gas-masks and uniforms (some plate armour others fatigues) and some weapons (which may then get replicated with either green stuff or epoxy putty

I will likely get to this mid year next year for the main force of them those once i get both the tools and the all important ogres I’ll be doing a few test models so that’s something you can all look forward too

until Happy new year every one

well my tree tutorial is now a thing hope you all enjoy

so I’ve been sitting on this idea for years but finally decided to put it out there for everyone to use. this will be the first of several tree tutorials which will be of varying difficulty with this being the easiest

WE ARE THE LAW – Adeptus Arbites


So with necromunda now actually being a thing again, I find myself hearing the call of imperial justice and seeking to deal it out on the various assortment of criminal scum found in the underhive. though when i get the game I will have two bands of criminal scum to play with I’m also going to be looking to work within the rules to field one of my favorite factions within the lore: the ADEPTUS ARBITES:


thank you witch hunters mod for this image of what a larger size detachment looks like.

so awhile ago a mate commissioned me (then changed his mind) to build him a junior commissar squad which resulted in me having the leader from the ranged chaos cultist squad from dark vengeance in my collection
who without modification does look rather heretical but once the chaos bits are removed along with his arms and head, will work well for commissars, inquisitorial adepts, commanders for some regiments and Adeptus Arbites commanders.

now I just need to find where i put him so i can make him into a patrol team leader.

but an arbites team aren’t much of a team without the rest of the squad. well for them I’ll use cadian legs and torsos. as for the arms on them all well those will be drawn from militarium tempestus kits while their iconic shotguns are drawn from space marine scouts. as for their recognisable helmets well since I want these to be fully gw table legal I’ll be modifying cadian helmets to do the job


back when i first got into the hobby you could still buy the arbites in patrol team format (and i wouldn’t be surprised if gw re-release the arbites through their limited time made to order service) so they will be the reference

as some people know i aim big with 40k forces. I like to think up ways of fielding them as armies well awhile back i became aware of a riot control modifications for a bobcat/earthmover being used in one or two countries and i thought “THIS WOULD BE REALLY COOL MOUNTED ON A SENTINEL

this kind of idea on an armoured sentinel would be amazing! a near complete line of sight block to allow a whole patrol team or two to advance up on a force of uprising chaos cultists. when combined with the repressor this would be awesome though we may only see it in the non matched play games



it should also be noted I intend to make an adeptus arbites cosplay over the summer. so likely I will debut the army and cosplay at the same time

Sister of Battle Flamer build


so the flamer you see here was quite a straight forward prop to build. Soon I’ll be holding it through the gauntlets of a new costume but till then I’ll settle for my old one with my new boots. during the process of building this i did grab photos and I’ve corolated them into a build log which can be found here:

soon i will be drafting up patterns for 40k prop making which i will upload here so people who view the relevant tutorials can get download them to make their own props. though hopefully there are still lots of people who want to make things by hand in the age of 3d printers

Maccabian Janissaries – and other long term projects (guard edition)


so ever since i encountered these guys in the “Only War” roleplay game book a few years ago. I’ve loved their design and wanted to replicate it for the table top game. with my wanting to build up my guard forces and add in different guard forces not just building up my hektarians but infantry and some other assets from numerous regiments, I’m looking at adding certain forces for certain situations.

Hektarian 903rd: don’t get me wrong most guard games will feature Hektarians since I’m putting huge amounts of effort and money into them (and named my new gaming channel partly off them) but not every narative after the hektarian war campaign will feature them.

Tanith first and only & Catachan <number>

So with my growing to admiration for Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt I find myself wanting to collect a small force of Gaunt’s Ghosts for my own collection, though my intention with them is to use them in forest and jungle warfare as I’ve wanted to do forest games since i first got into the hobby. the real issue with the Ghosts is that apart from one character box gw killed off their small range years before i got into the hobby (going off my white dwarf archive here) so I will be forced to look to third parties (and not play them at my local gw since the manager there has a beef against third parties)

But the ghosts won’t fight alone (indeed I am likely to only add one small platoon of them) they will be joined by jungle warfare experts and all round rambos the Catachans, so with catachan I’m really hoping they’ll get a re-sculpt in a year or two as though the models look good they are both dated (in model form) and not as well proportioned as more recent forces. though I would rather they avoid the more cartoony styling of the death guard. though one thing i need to learn before collecting them is how to do “on-skin camo” as them with just bare skin will look rather out there which goes against the more infiltrator style of the army

Maccabian Janissaries:
so where the other armies are designed to be predominately stand alone forces the Jannissaries are going to be primarily an ally army. these zealously fanatical guardsmen are going to be allied to the sisters of battle (often being used as a living shield). where all my other guard forces are either simple conversions my janissaries are going to likely be a sculpting heavy army. at the very least I’ll need to sculpt: heads, Torsos, legs (unless i can find similar ones third parties), backpacks and likely most of their guns and arms (the design of lasgun which looks almost like a bolter doesn’t have a model which i could use though i will likely heavily modify cadian arms

with this army they will only be massed infantry, no tanks or other assets just foot sloggers who’ll martyr themselves in the name of the emperor. on a side note i love their aesthetic and armour design alot.

Hektarian PDF:



while I’m starting my actual regiment in the 903rd their progenitors the gas-mask wearing guardsmen well remain in my collection. indeed the pdf will be getting a small boost in the lead up to and potentially during the “Hektarian Thunder” campaign. though depending on audience vote they will either have a small or large presence in the campaign. this is in part due to it costing massively more to set them up over the regular hektarian troops also as they look less armoured then their regimental cousins (though their armour has layers of flak mesh inside it giving it similar protective rating to the mordian iron guard.

Hektarian Mining guild – (NOT) Genestealer cults
so it is no secret I love the look of the Neophyte hybrid models well the near human ones any way, and there is a part of me that wants to add them into my collection. so I may at some point next year add some into my collection though will all the tell tail genestealer mutant bits smoothed off (and the heavy weapons model replaced with a tripod gunner though i’ll save the three armed hybrids to use later.
I also relish putting Aquilas on the Rock-lobster (thank you egoqueen for the nickname)

Hektarian Engineering corps:
so you could argue they are a no combat company of the 903rd and you’d be right but i really would love to add some construction modified guard tanks like bridge layers and support vehicles to my collection. plus on a narrative level they’ll be responsible for repair and construction of defensive assets like fortifications

well I’ve ranted on long enough, well see you all around

New Channel and page for wargaming content on facebook

So with regards to youtube  and facebook my wargaming content is no longer going to be shared on the Sister lilia youtube and facebook but instead will be shared on brand new pages! this in part comes from my wanting to get back into actively gaming which will happen soon after convention season is over. note that this wordpress will remain dedicated to both cosplay and wargaming

without further ado here are the new page and channel web addresses:

Cosplay update: Commissar Sebastian Yarrick and Rory Mercury (WIP)

Commissar Yarrick: 
So with PAXau coming up I figured I’d share my current project: Commissar Sebastiam Yarrick. this Immense costume has four hold-able weapons: Power Klaw, Storm Bolter, Power Sword, Bolt pistol (Cinder Crag forge pattern Mauler), Bionic Eye (maybe, though likely for the AMC comp next year). the plan with the secondary weapons (power sword, bolt pistol) is to have them holster/sheath for solo photos but when it comes to group shots I may lend them to others so as to have an armed squad in photos (too which end I may end up making a pair of voss pattern lasguns if I have time.

In a sheath off his waist on his right side is his sheathed Power Sword which though not his Signature weapon I am making at present. the image below was a test to work out how the different mediums can work together when making it. were it not for how utterly weak the yellow foam is (refer to 2016 tech priest costume) I would make this whole weapon out of the stuff however because i need a core in the sword to keep it rigid I am using several kinds of foam in this sword.
twirl one
as I the power sword above didn’t entirely work the way I wanted it too i will be putting it aside and making a new one which I will likely record and make into a tutorial video

So trying saying that 5 times over when drunk. so under his left arm Yarrick has a holstered pistol matching the design of this pistol. this design is not actually seen a lot certainly I haven’t seen it on the current range of miniatures though it could be on a discontinued model. again i may turn this into a tutorial

Power Claw:
his signature weapon, this sanctified power weapon was cut from the ork who took his original arm when he killed the xenos scum, it was then purified and adapted to serve as a bionic arm for Yarrick. this will be my first time building an Ork weapon though with the upcoming Hektarian Thunder Narative driven campaign it may likely be seen in the on the arm of Drew whom will be bringing his orks to the field

Storm Bolter:
sister of battle storm bolter comic con edit tezt with water mark
So this won’t be my first Stormbolter (see above) though it will be the first time making one with foam, like my old one i intend for the magazine to be removable though that may become impractical.

As for the great coat and Carapace armour and hat they will be fourth coming too. it is however unlikely that i will have his bionic eye since I lack the funds for costume prosthetics though you can look forward to it being added to the costume

So with Madman Anime Festival coming up the weekend after PAXau I intend to bring two rory mercury costumes to the event though i will only be entering with one axe. progress will be covered in greater detail soon but here is a tidbit:
thank you for reading this far