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Sister of Silence army update

so i just became aware that primaris psykers can be hq choices for a sister of silence detachment! well that makes things awesome as I’ve wanted to run them as a detachment but in 8th ed command points are too important to go for detachments that deny them


so with this revelation it enables alot of cool stuff. it means an inquisition army would be possible with at-least one detachment dedicated to null maidens. though that means now i need to get hold of some heads for my big purgator squad and get hold of more of them to make other units with. and with black stone fortress’s new expansion we should be getting a named primaris psyker so that will further boost the number of deployable hqs for the null maidens from 3 to four to match out matched play limit of 9 units, maybe even five if we get any other female characters

once I’ve got my sisters of battle/ministorum and guard and admech (i know using two “and” in one sentence is bad) up to strength I’m going to turn my gaze back to the silent sisterhood and get to adding more forces to their ranks. starting with a transport for vigilator squad 1 who is led by this model:

the tank commander for squad one’s transport:

sorry the only photos i have currently are too blury

I hope forgeworld port over all the rules from 30k so i can field psybeasts too so i can bring a whole pack of these witch hunting cats to the table top DSCN5150

I look forward to getting hold of this primaris psyker from blackstone fortress, though i hope she get carapace armour in her rules. a 5+ save on characters can be pretty rough
Image result for warhammer combat arena

though going off my existing collection she won’t be alone, as i have two other primaris pyskers: i really am sad that gw opted to take away force swords for guard pyskers as this was such a cool conversion:
DSCN7295.JPG i still need to properly prime them and fully paint them but here they are for the first time on the page

well that’s all for now


Terrain tutorials plan (as of june)

so with my getting hold of the ministorum shipping containers thanks to warhammer conquest (i am not a subscriber i just pick up issues randomly) it has sparks some ideas that i aim to put both to digital paper now and to turn into terrain and tutorial patterns for later use. I am also going to update my terrain tutorial plans now. most of these are scatter terrain but some of these are centerpieces


    – Ramparts: low height wall sections, end sections, junction sections, stair sections
    – external staircases
    – urban buildings
    – bell tower
    – chapel building
    – small church
    – bridges
    – skyrail and mono rail train
    – cathedral
    – streetlights
    – government buildings
    – law enforcement precinct/fortress
    – fortress walls: wall section, gate section, tower sections
    – defence lines
    – pillboxes and other fortifications
    – objective markers
    – shrine tank
    – religious pulpit
    – landing pad


    – fence lines
    – defense lines
    – shipping containers: cargo, fuel, grain, water, munitions, universal/empty
    – pipelines
    – polluted water
    – scrap heaps
    – conveyor belt/lines
    – resource storage tanks: water, grain, fuel,
    – waste pools and dams
    – reactor
    – resource bulk hauler
    – quad gun anti air tower
    – mono rail train and cars
    – bridges
    – concrete buildings and ruins
    – objective markers
    – sci-fi crane
    – steampunk crane
    – steampunk mono rail train
    – skycraft
    – meshed over terrain
    – landing pad

  3. Slum terrain:
    – ruined buildings
    – shanty buildings (multi video set)
    – container housing (will use the container tutorials as a base
    – looted terrain
    – multi level terrain (discussion and video series
    – gang strongholds
    – law enforcement precinct (yep it will be similar to the previously mentioned one but maybe look a bit more adhock or rougher)
    – trading posts
    – wrecked vehicle terrain
  4. Wilds terrain:
    – foam rocks and hills
    – tree tutorial (revamped)
    – hills, boulders and other scatter terrain
    – crater terrain
    – swamp terrain
    – skyrim sawmill terrain
    – ruined watch tower and watch tower tutorial
    – medieval tavern building

in addition to these at some point I hope to do a kit review on the Munitorum Armoured Containers discussion and review video once i get all three sprues of it (hopefully i can get enough copies of issue 13 of conquest from news agents to do it

well I’ll leave it there for now this is certainly ambitious


40k wargaming additions June to October

so as winter and the con season sets in i find it time to both double down on existing projects and get on with aspiration ones.

  • Ministorum/Sisters of battle additions:
    – sister of battle retributor flame squad 2: heavy flamers (i need to procure 2 more dreadnaught heavy flamers
    – sister of battle squad: bolters and chainsword
    – crusaders: squad 2 (i just need to procure the 10 autogun cultists i need and some other bits)
    – repressors: repressor 1 (i still need to draft the patterns), repressor 2 i will base the tutorial on once i get a new rhino
    – arco flagrants (finishing the current 12 and doing 6 more when i procure more cultists)
    – evicerator priest (2): i will be doing a tutorial based on this model
    in more of an action pose then the first one
    – death cult assassins (3 models all bits procured)
    – evicerator cannoness conversion build (some sister of silence bits will be used as will greenstuff
    – vigilus flyer 1: yep i still need to finish this blasted thing

    – rhino scratch builds (three deimos rhinos, three deimos exorcists, three deimos immolators)
    – serephim squad 3 (i need to order the heads and will have to wait to do them till i have a pair of inferno pistols, a pair of hand flamers and more feather wings
  • Astra Militarium/imperial guard:
    – 1 platoon (hektarian 903rd platoon
    – 1 platoon command unit (hektarian 903rd command unit
    – 1 greenstuff and bits platoon (hektarian pdf regulas
    – 1 greenstuff platoon command (hektarian pdf regulas
    – hektarian pdf platoon 1 squad 3 (conversion built)
    – scratch build Malcador Annihilator tank commander Kelly (place holder pic
    – scratch built Carnadons (with imperial gothic details over parts of the armour)
    – scratch built scratch built chimera
    – scratch built Shepard armoured carrier (1)
    – Chiurgeon Malcavor and medicae servitors
    – Hammk walker tank:
  • Adeptus astartes:
    – primaris repulsor
    – incessor squad 1 (mid way through painting)
    – agressor squad 1 (if i can get them before warhammer conquest issue 11 sells out in my area)
    – primaris librarian (a store near me had it if they still have it on the weekend i will grab it)
    – sicarian battle tank (scratch built)
    – Warhounds chapter test squad will be painted
  • Adeptus mechanicus:
    – scratch built Dune crawlers (based loosely on the walkers in “Iron harvest” game
    – scratch built Duneriders (playing up their d-day lander asthetic with massive front prow eagle on either side of the assault ramp
    – scratch built disintegrator tank (with front eagle and better looking turret
    – skitari vanguard and ranger squad split build (redoing my unboxing video)
  • Wargaming terrain:
    – gothic terrain set
    – gargantuan fuel hauler
    – urban ruins and buildings
    – more yet to be decided on

thank you guys for sticking with me. with tutorials i will cover share links to them here but post them on my youtube channel and if i get up to 300 youtube subs by the end of the year i will do a terrain give away (the gargantuan fuel hauler won’t be up for grabs i need that for a battle report and want to keep it) I will be doing militaris monday episodes for each month through winter but they will be happening mid or end of month

In other new the hektarian thunder campaign will be returning both as an audio drama and as a missions set hopefully with battle reports. it should be noted i have a mile long wishlist of kits i want if anyone feels like donating me models

(new) Ministorum Priests and an upcoming conversion tutorial

so I figured I’d share two of ministorum priests I built over the weekend while also building a whole lot of other units i will show off when they are done

the first priest is a preacher from the codex :


while the second is a ministorum priest from the index that i did partly to get some experience at making a miniature eviscerator ahead of conversion building an eviscerator cannoness sometime this year


so i mentioned a tutorial well, at present i am doing a whole lot of greenstuff conversions to build some arco flagrants, once i have perfected the process i will do a tutorial on how i do arcos. at present I have 12 arcos on my table, when i have the funds to get chaos cultist that serve as a base model i will add another 6 arcos to my collection and complete the third squad, at that point i will record a tutorial though i won’t give a time frame as with so many cosplay events happening i am about to be hellishly busy.

here is a teaser showing my progress on a few models (they are still very wip):

on a final note i also now have all the bits to do a death cult assassin conversion video so you can expect that in the near future

May Videos (plan and status update) 2019

okay so I’m still getting things working for hobby stuff and am having to adjust to a limited video upload capacity so please bear with me. that aside here are the current plans and their progress


  • Shepard saves the old republic (series)
    – ep 8 to 10 are currently under going editing
    Episodes may be uploaded fortnightly
    better swamp trooper armour.jpg
  • Fake Stainglass lantern making tutorial
    I’m still short of both the clear plastic, the coloured markers and need to draft a free pattern to share
  • how to make a curved lantern
    i still need to source the wire to do this then i will draft up a pattern (this lantern will look like a flur de lis meet a mace on chain)
  • formally unavailing my new sister of battle cosplay and armour discussion.
  • Channel update (will happen once my new armour is made and i have recorded alot of the other videos on this list
  • Boxhill Japanese festival vlog
  • laminating your prop pattern pieces without a lamination machine (may also get briefly covered in the repressor tutorial)

warhammer related

  • gw faction reviews (what I like and what I don’t): ministorum
    so i ended up loosing the file and need to redo it
  • My thoughts on Primaris Space Marines discussion as i Conversion Building a Primaris squad (recording will commence this week)
  • repressor tutorial
    I still need to draft an experimental pattern and then i will be able to record the video.
  • gothic terrain tutorial series: ep1: ramparts/walls (wall section, matching stairs, corner section, end section)
    still finalising the designs
  • Ministorum storm-shield tutorial (greenstuff and plasticard)
    I am still finalising the design
  • parts cloning with blue and green stuff
    essentially the real stopping point here has been available working space, the video will use the Ministorum Stormshield from the tutorial
  • prop chainsword build/Card board chainsword tutorial
    so with comic con coming up I figured i may as well finally add this onto the list. I will cover more later (though i will update this post until i have a the project up on youtube)
  • inferno pistol build log: once i get more glue and it is warmer i will be able to get more done of this prop

well this is alot for one month but lets see about my making it happen. with lantern parade and comic con happening in june cosplay related stuff is certainly up there on the priority list (i will be bringing my sister of battle cosplay to both events and i still need to decide on which costume will be the second one worn to comic con which depending on my materials may mean it is a tech priest cosplay or an anime character (where relevant i may cover making the swords or gun props in a tutorial

updated on 6th of may


Sisters of battle army additions: may

okay so in part to help motivate me to make them I figure i might as well share what models i am going to be working on this month ahead of taking the army to the field in a bigger way then before.

okay so due to budget issues an an emotional and productivity blow that happened as a result of my working on the gunship in a space i share with my house mate I have hardly managed to get much done on my sister of battle army so far this year although i will not sell short what i have done, the army is at base core strength (though a few models need heads and/or backpacks) which means from here i can build them up into the main path-lines i want to take it.

    “burner babes, heretic’s bane, cleansing host” whatever you want to call them this is the ranged based build that focuses on bringing as many special and heavy weapons to cleanse the foe as possible. alot of people run this army with max number of melta dominions, twin heavy flamer repressors, celestine and whatever else they can fit in to make a battalion destachment. is sometimes backed up by heavy flamer retributors. while this list is good against some foes it is a glass cannon, it will hit hard but it can’t survive a concentrated effort remove it. I honestly rather not building my army this way, i rather survive-ability over short term gain, so i don’t entirely like this army build unless i am going against elite style armies with low numbers of multi wound units (custodes, knights, some versions of admech and space marines)
    “blades for days” so this build focuses on the ministorum elements and putting the foe to the sword, flame and arco-flail. While this force has some range units, most of the force is melee orientated taking max numbers of close combat units (if possible mounted in transports) this army is both strong and weak against gun-line armies (like tau depending on build) or guard. This is the way I want to run my sister to a degree. very early on when i started collecting the faction I wanted to run a melee sister of battle army (i really hope we get melee celetians with either stormshields or a base 3+ invon save in the new range) when i started the army the first time around however i lacked the units to do a tidal wave of flails and swords, that is changing and this build is center of my desired build for the faction
    “gunline sisters” this build of sisters focuses on holding ground. with long range weapons and larger units of sisters infantry, while they can hold ground they can also take it. so this build in part is one i want to do, but i run into a cost wall to an extent as heavy weapons (particually space marine heavy flamer and scout heavy bolters) are either quite costly or are rare on bits and used markets, to an extent this is forcing me to look at sculpting some of these weapons but i have not actually started sculpting anything YET. also with the army mostly based around mostly large units of sisters (ten or fifteen model squads) this build is costly as it requires the parts for me to make that many sisters (or at least bolster mini squads) but i do want to do this build too
    “angelic host, avenging angels” okay so this build is based around Celestine herself (well in my collection saint Christina) and goes off the idea of serephim as returned martyrs whom the emperor revived as lesser living saints (they can fly and have holy aura but aren’t imperial greater demons like celestine) this sub force is actually already started with my having: saint christina with gemini, two completed serephim squads and another ten woman squad underway (the first two squads are five member squads). i hope that in the new model range we get actual avenging angels or a melee equivalent of serephim

okay so with the main builds that interest me discussed time to talk about additions i will either be finishing or new ones I will be adding:

  • Sanctum class gunship:
    okay so I hate and loathe this blasted craft. I love it’s potential but i hate that my working on it hard core while my housemates were home in a shared space was the reason i lost access to the lounge as a semi makers space. I have been meaning to finish it and this month i intend to be the month
  • Death cult assassins squad 1:
    so this squad until now has never seen action due to how blasted small they are (currently only at two models strong) but that all will change this month as i now have three more of the base model (witch ealves) on order to bring it up to what i deem as minimum strength (five model squads is the minimum i am willing to field when the model only has two attacks as a base) I also only have three more gasmasks from the sicarian rust stalkers left and those were a pain to procure when I last tried getting them. once i have the new three models converted up i will work out a better paint scheme that makes it look like they are wearing leather cat suits
  • Repressors:

    okay so I am about to conversion build a repressor (and do a tutorial on the process to show how to do it) if i can procure an additional plastic rhino through trades this month or feel like turing an trackless extra armoured rhino that i turned into a vindicator back into a rhino (though i will need to scratch build a front plate or make one through greenstuff cloning), then it into a repressor i may use that as I have additional heavy flamers in bound and pretty much everything else (though i could use a skitarii pointing arm and sister of silence pointing arm

  • heavy flamer retributor squads:
    okay so at the moment i have one heavy flamer squad mostly pre greenstuff level conversion and i have two of the heavy flamers i need to make a second along with the torsos and legs though i need to check my arm collection
  • heavy bolter retributor squad 2:
    so this squad has been in the works for ages but i lacked all the legs i needed for them (i have a set pose i like for heavy bolter retribs)
  • Crusader squad 2: so i just procured the torsos to make a new unit of them and will be doing a tutorial to match them that shows how to make a ministorum stormshield through parts replication and plasticard. now to just work out what bits i want to use for them
  • new ministorum priest and dialogus: so i am going to be going back to frost grave miniatures on this one as I like some of their fantesy miniatures as a base for 40k models
  • serephim squad 3:
    okay so i have left off on this unit due to severe lack of parts, the most severe of which was wings. but I am now at the point with this unit where i will instead of shelving them forever will use them as a learning experience, I will be sculpting wings for them and they will be the first unit I will use miliput on as i can get a larger amount of it for the same price that i pay for green-stuff (which is admittedly low thanks to a local bits seller that is reasonable


prospective models:

  • Cannoness Lilia: evicerator, inferno pistol cannoness, sacred helmet
    what you honestly thought i wouldn’t make a cannoness named after me that takes cues from my new (in the works) cannoness cosplay. (more on this costume later on)
  • Jump Cannoness: inferno gun and power mace
    also based on my cosplans though unlike the other cannoness she will be armed with a power maul, flaming torch inferno pistol (think that metal inquistor with the power sword and inferno pistol that looks like a flame cage on the end of a musket though what i will do will look more imperial gothic)
    (more on this model after i have made the cosplay and more on the cosplay after it is done)
  • scratch built deimos rhinos that are the size of the current plastic rhino

okay so wow it looks like a lot but we’ll see. with the gunship I don’t know if i will follow up on my original plan of making three of them as i instead intend to focus my scratch building efforts on terrain and maybe some vehicles or supporting armour for my sisters

my video upload schedule end of april/ beginning of may

so this is a much shorter update this time

  1. gw faction reviews (what I like and what I don’t): ministorum
  2. Shepard saves the republic ep: 6
  3. Code Geass Alexander (Ayano variant) kit unboxing and build video + mini review
  4. adeptus titanicus dominus review (final review unless alot changes with the game)
  5. ministorum stormshield (blue stuff, green stuff and plastic card tutorial
  6. repressor tutorial
  7. sister of battle flamer rebuild vlog (once i get my new seroritas robes made along with new gauntlets i will begin)
  8. gothic terrain tutorial series: ep1: ramparts/walls (wall section, matching stairs, corner section, end section
  9. channel update with me wearing my new sister of battle cosplay

okay so with my youtube uploads the current order of things is going to be shorter (or low data size) videos one week, long/large videos the other as I am currently having issues with my house mate and because the connection issues (that resulted as an error on his part) are as he puts it “a low priority to fix” despite likely being a five minute job to fix, as a result I can’t use the internet at home while he is home (but i can use a public library to upload)

anyway I’ll end this here

Conversion build tutorials and other videos Q2 2019 – youtube

okay so at the moment I am having major internet issues at home. so the format of them is going to change a lot. Though in part this has also coincided with me wanting to take my channel in a more creative direction. there are projects I’ve been sidelining for too long that i want to happen

wh40k / wargaming videos:

  • repressor build tutorial: showing you how to draft your own templates and what parts you need and how to make it
  • My thoughts on Primaris Space Marines discussion as i Conversion Building a Primaris Space Marine squad
  • Hammk sentinel (once i source a size of plastic tube i need I’ll be able to start)
  • parts cloning with blue and green stuff
  • heavy weapons tripod scratch build tutorial
  • heavy weapons carriage scratch build tutorial
  • imperial guard mortar scratch build tutorial
  • imperial guard autocannon scratch build tutorial
  • militaris mondays (hopefully monthly)
  • gothic terrain tutorial series:
    – ramparts/walls (wall section, matching stairs, corner section, end section
    – basic buildings
    – stairwell
    – catacombs
    – chapel part 1: the single floor chapel (with bell tower)
    – chapel part 2: undercroft/foundation block
    – monastery bunkhouse and ruined house
    – cathedral part 1: wall sections
    – cathedral part 2: upper floors
    (so with the recent fire at notre dame i may adapt the two cathedral tutorial to allow you to make that cathedral as one of the ways to assemble the terrain)
    – gothic defence line
    – pvc fuel pipeline modeling tutorial
  • upcycled terrain:
    – styrene fortress
    – packageing to industrial terrain
    – styrene urban terrain
  • “Poor Hammer” wh40k on a budget discussion videos:
    – getting started on the cheap
    – collecting space marines on the cheap
    – collecting primaris space marines on the cheap
    – collecting Astra Militarium on the cheap
    – collecting ministorum on the cheap
    – collecting sisters of battle on the cheap
    – collecting genestealer cults on the cheap (quarter 3 or 4 2019)
  • 40k factions: things I want to see
    – sisters of battle
    – ministorum
    – inquisition
    – adeptas arbites
    – Imperial guard
    – Imperial agents
  • gw faction ranges: what i like and what i don’t!
    – ministorum range (currently being edited)
    – astra militarium range
    – Space marines range
    – blood angels range
    – Dark Angels range
    – Space wolves
    – primaris space marine range
    – adeptus mechanicus
    – inquistion
    – genestealer cult
  • hektarian thunder 40k fanfiction: introduction and chapter one
  • conversion building psy beasts for sisters of silence


  • new sister of battle cosplay build log
  • adapting seroritas concept art
  • inferno pistol build log
  • new chainswords build log
  • Cardboard chainsword tutorial
  • cardboard power sword tutorial (maybe in q3)
  • prostigium protectiva build
  • box hill japanese festival coverage (hopefully)
  • comic con coverage
  • flintlock prop builts (Kurumi’s pistols from date a live)
  • britanian pistol (code geass
  • cog axe tutorial
  • arc pistol build (maybe a tutorial later on)
  • servo harness build (maybe a tutorial
  • tech priest build log

Lantern making tutorials:

  • how to make a fantasy style lantern (with pattern)
  • how to make creature lanterns
  • how to make an eagle lantern
  • how to make a stain glass lantern mace
  • how to make wearable lanterns
  • how to make a cosplay safe flaming torch style prop
  • how to make a lantern sword
  • how to make a lantern banner (Aquila lantern mk2)
  • how to make a flail lantern (hanging lantern tutorial)
  • how to make curved lanterns without straight sides


  • 100 subscribers video “warcant of mars” music video performed in front of the camera. wow I’ve got 119 subscribers (on youtube) at the time of writing this!
  • swtor “shepard saves the republic” ep 5 – *uploaded*:
  • swtor “shepard saves the republic” ep 5.5: okay so i had stuff up and thought i was recording when i wasn’t so at some point i will be doing a catch up episode with a backup character to catch the relevent story portions. the joys of forgetting that keyboard short cuts for my recorder don’t work with the game anymore
  • swtor “shepard save the republic” ep 6: will be longer then normal to make up for the shorter episode
  • live channel update in my new sister of battle cosplay once i’ve got enough content together to start uploading multiple videos a week
  • I am contemplating doing a giveaway on each of my platforms when that platform reaches a certain milestone:
    – facebook: 500 subs, 1k subs, 2k subs
    – youtube: 500 subs, 1k subs, 2k subs
    – instagram: 500 subs, 1k subs, 2k subs
    as to what this give away will entail it will likely entail a scratch built model or terrain from a tutorial for the wargaming side or a SMALL cosplay prop or cos photo print for the cosplay side. with my fb i will be doing fan signs when i get my new sister of battle Armour finished

okay so wow that is a lot, hopefully i can make it all happen. at present I don’t see myself doing battle reports for ages (maybe the next 6 months) I need to sort out better lighting for doing videos with. I also would love to do some mini painting vids once i get better at painting. once my internet issues are resolved I may go about doing gaming videos again too. from march onward I want to get to do atleast 1 to 2 vids a week though life circumstances may change this. my editing computer is also slowly dying sadly.

at present i am unable to do weekly gw/fw recap videos and that may be a blessing because there is alot to be salty about. additionally if i can procure the componants I want to do a hektarian engineer squad i will share how i do it and make a tutorial for conversion building a hades breaching drill once i procure the parts (i seem to be struggling to find the dozer drill from the rockgrider on ebay). I also need to do some research as I want to do two more crusader squad conversion tutorials this year (one with ALL gw parts and one with ALL third party bits) though gw may render such a conversion tutorial void with a proper crusader release. I also need to procure the biomorphas from the genestealer cult for when i start the hektarian thunder narative series as a character inspired by the model is centeral to the first few chapters atleast


some of these will carry over into into q3 but i should have some new stuff in the works for then too.


anyway thanks for reading all that. I’ll see you next time

updated 5th may 2019

Character Roster – hektarian thunder pdf characters pt:1

okay so with my decision to move the hektarian thunder series from being a narrative linked battle report series to being a narrative audio drama I am given more room to add side and main characters (though time will tell if i have as higher main character death count as game of thrones but it is guard vs orks so probably) as indeed commissar general Johnson doesn’t come into events on hektari 3 until several months or more after the roks make planet fall. though there are several named characters I am thinking of that I need to work out names for. of the named characters the first one I thought up ages ago was:

– the disgraced commissar (I still am working on a fitting name for him):
in short he was retired to hektari 3’s pdf by order of segmentum command after he executed an incompetent officer for cowardice and gross wasting of imperial resources. after taking up command of the pdf he set to work straightening them out into a force worthy of the Aquila and who were up to the task of irradicating the raiding parties that would assault the collossal greenhouses or agri farms from time to time.
he will be visually based on the old metal commissar that is armed with a boltgun and power sword from the 90s

– tank commander Kelly:
a pdf tank commander who proves her worth during the early stage of the conflict who commands a Malcador variant which is brought into service upon the arrival of the orks. (I still need to source both a malcador variant kit and parts to make her but she is a ways off happening as i need to do some research on tank combat)

– Dr Malcavor Quenn:52120273_2245777745484953_1897530071929847808_n
his previous charges were angri slave workers (most of whom were convicted criminals from hektari 2) so he adopts an intimidating aesthetic to better allow him to treat serious injuries treated and to keep minor ones to a minimum while also protecting himself from the former gangers, criminals and undesirables. Upon his section of mega greenhouse being destroyed by a rok and it’s slave workers being slaughtered he fled with a pdf squad as they fell back to the nearest command centre when planetary command started the mobilisation process and was formally inducted to treat the troops wounded fighting orks.
(I will be using the genestealer cult Biophagus model as the base and converting him to be free of xenos taint as he is no xenos infiltrator but rather a medicae trained surgeon. I will as a result likely add the xenos familiar to my dnd bits box or give him to a genestealer cult player i scored some cool bits off recently)

anyway that is all for now I still am working out much for the introduction and first part of chapter one of the story and I do plan to record it once i can work out appropriate backing sound effects 

sanctury class sky fortress progess update


okay so it’s coming together though as it gets to the 60% mark with all the core structural work done and the decoration work started I need to shelve this project for a bit due to conflicting priorities. I will still be working on it abit but my next update on it will be in march, this is due to needing to knuckle down on costuming and set up two more infantry units for my sisters of battle.

anyway enough of that here is how it is going:

so eventually I will get everything done and this will look glorious. in the mean time I will have other projects to show off soon