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Sister of silence references

the colour way/scheme i’m going with can be found on page 7
reference image

reference model has cloak made with the same fabric as the front skirt not fur:


these were the best shots i could get of the reference model that show the armour configuration, the cloak and cape with pouldron configuration

comp judges i really hope these images are acceptable like i said above i am referencing the colour scheme of the illustration over the miniature while referencing the armour pieces on the miniature

Upcoming vid: Sister of silence army review (postboned till i take up 8th edition in july


So with my having the codex for them in the mail i’ll be able to get a video review of their codex and my thoughts on just their army up before 8th ed lands


in other more model making news!

with my coming into possession of an incomplete figure of Saber from fate stay/night (core model no weapon or base luckily i had an excalibur letter opener) a whole new modelling project is in the works for much later in the year: Large fantasy model bases.
so now for that one check back later this year

Datafile: The Sisterhood of Hektari 5


“As per your request Commander/ Commissar Johnson i have complied what we have on the Sisterhood of Hektari 5 though it isn’t much:

  • In the dark days after the emperor’s great crusade a force of the silent sisterhood came to this system to both to seek sanctury from an unkind imperium and to regather their strength so that they could aid it anew in the coming millenia. for the most part they have not bothered the people of the sector though it is noted that once every century they will aid in the annual witch hunt and over the last nine thousand years they have not refused any calls for aid from the imperial forces in and around the system.
  • while conducting some research i found out something interesting: they have a small conclave in each of the hive cities in the system which they mainly use to locate suitable aspirants though as you may be aware the pariah gene is incredibly rare. the sisters at these conclaves do offer a representative or two to aid the adeptas arbites when they need an edge
  • most of the system whisper their name with a mix of fear and dread due to how deadly they are. in contrast one of their number: Sister Mateina is considered a folk hero to many in the underhives for when a cult of witches drove fear into the people of hive Mundas she single handedly stared them down. charging through the walls of fire they threw out at her like it were a cold breaze and cut the all down freeing the workers from the cult’s influence. after decapitating the witches she vanished into the shadows. there is even word that the arch confessor of the eclesarchy at the time tried to have her declared a saint though apparently she refused.
  • as for their armour it is a dark metallic grey with deep purple cloaks. I however have not been able to attain any military data on their number or other info on them.

If you want to make contact with them it might be worth heading to their conclave in this hive though you will need to talk to the arbites to set up the meeting first as they have not been known to talk to those who just walk up and bang on their gate without apointment. it might be worth giving the arbites a tipoff about the orks likely attacking the system. or you could try heading to their castle on Haktari 5 they might be more friendly there.”

hobby update: a new desk let the hobby commence

so up until yesterday since early march last year I’ve been without a desk. well that all changed yesterday. what that means for anyone who reads/watches my stuff is a whole lot more hobby stuff is coming with top down camera angle.

up coming vids:

  • painting Sisters of battle seraphim (the ones i converted last year)
  • Sister of silence unboxing and assembly to reference for costuming
  • new terrain projects (will be announced when made
  • Grant’s ghosts: first and only review

upcoming costumes:Warrior.jpg

so this is alot of work for two months but you can expect to see results soon.

erza i’m making both to wear to comic con and to wear part of her outfit in a street fashion event (i love goth stuff)
Sister of Silence i will be making both to wear to comic con and to wear a version of to a local lantern parade that happens near the winter solstice. well i better get cracking

props i will be making:

  • Erza sword:
  • executioner great blade:
    Executioner greatblade
  • Witch Seeker flamer:
    Witchseeker flamer
    may mount a torch inside it if i can
  • Banner Lantern:
    i don’t yet have images of this but you pictures will be up closer to lantern parade

Regimental Data: stag riders of marr

as per your request commander i have called up what information the munitorium provided us on “Stag Riders of Marr”

the world of Marr is a world of forested, rough mountains and lake lands. it is ruled over by a chivilry culture similar (but far less complex then) the Knight houses, seemingly based on the old knightly ideals from ancent holy terra. they world has been part of the imperium since the great crusade and provides troops well versed in mounted combat. their troops are excelent scouts and vanguards coming into their in: forests, rough terrain and open ground, when a force of vile dark eldar raiders set their sights on the world they came to learn the world has claws, according to the reports the horsemen’s knowledge of wilderness allowed them to run successful strike and fade operations against the dark eldar, blindsiding the xenos whenever they tried to attack settlements then they lured the eldar into attacking their main stronghold. but when the xenos attack came the eldar made the mistake of attacking just as the winter was to break. In the space of minutes the eldar troops were drowned in snow which rained down like a shower of razor barbed spines which on contact surfaces set hard as concrete, not only were the xenos foot troops stuck in their tracks but their jet bikes and vehicles suffered adverse reactions as the snow hit their engine intakes and expanded, gluing turbines and the like together.

once the flash storm cleared, out of the stronghold rode the stag riders and ran down all most of the xenos, dogging the few who escaped all the way back to their ship which an imperial navy ship then destroyed as it tried to leave the system


next up: is the penal legion forces from the prison world of Saint Ivan’s folly

Youtube: Kits I would love to do un-boxing and build and conversion vids wishlist

kits for 40k unboxing and their purpose plus covering how they work in a guard army to help beginners: (this is a wishlist and brainstorm)

Deathwatch frag cannon:
Kill Team (5 man box) for unboxing then conversions: frag cannon conversion tutorial
Corvis Blackstar unboxing and build

Ordo Hereticus and Sisters:

  • Death Cult assassin: Witch Aelves kit (Aos) + skitarii rust stalker heads and other bits
  • Crusaders: below cultist model, scion helmets, shields from a reaper miniatures mini, powerswords (well you’ll see)
  • Arco flagulents: Flagellants (aos) + other bits (you’ll find out)
  • Plastic Sisters of battle squad conversion tutorial: dark eldar bodies, skitarii arms and helmets, marine weapons backpacks grenades, female heads
  • Sister of battle rhino conversion tutorial (using the death watch transport)
  • Inquisition chimera (conversion tutorial plus genestealer cult/AM chimera unboxing)
  • Sister of battle immolator (unboxing and build)
  • Sister of battle immolator (retro/90s) conversion video (will need death watch transport, skitarii ironstrider gunner arms, asorted plasticard bits and peices
  • Penitant engine unboxing and build video
  • Exorcist unboxing or conversion tutorial
  • sisters of battle Serephim conversion mk2 (and dark eldar scourge unboxing)
  • sisters themed tech priest conversion (you’ll see what i use)


Imperial Guard and inquisition shock troopers

  • Cadian forces:
    * Cadian Shock Troopers x1 (to build up as two 5 man units)
    * Cadian blister box x2 (to bolster above squads)
    * Cadian troopers (second hand)
    * Cadian Command Squad (build as platoon command squad {put aside rebreather masks for conversion}
    * cadian heavy weapons squad (to build
    * Sentinel kit x 1 (build as armoured sentinel for emperor’s shield platoon
    * General Stern (DOW commander) conversion to count as creed
  • Sentinel (can be second hand) x3 + 3 scout biker kits (to cover converting into recon bike walkers:
    Militarium tempestus scion kit (to convert into the crew for the above walkers and to put aside weapons for kasrikan conversion)
  • Kasrikan conversion:
    * Cadian shock troopers or 2x command squad kits for for conversion (legs, torsos, heads, plus 10x rebreathers, 10x vox backpacks will be used (arms will be kept to use for Hektarian Guardsman/ Gas troopers conversion video
  • Commissars:
    * Officio Prefectus Commissar kit: to unbox then convert to be holding a boltgun
  • Catachan platoon:
    * Catachan command squad kit for unboxing
    * Catachan infantry squad
    * heavy weapons team
  • Gasmask guard: troops, tank commander and tank crew conversions:
    * Leman Russ Commander/pintle gunner Conversion
    * Basalisk/wyrdvan/hydra crew conversions (including unboxing for the basalisk and the hydra
    * needs fore mentioned cadian arms, certain chaos cultist base model
  • Rough Rider conversion: Sisters of the Thorn stag or empire horseman conversions
  • wheelchair rough riders: So this idea has been in my head since before i took up guard but will require some things (parts to be announced)

Rules and discussions:
Imperial Armour Apoc (already own)
Imperial Armour 1 secend edition
Imperial Armour 2 Second edition
Imperial Armour Aeronautica
Planetary Onslaught

Warhammer age of simar:

Vampire counts:

So i am looking at collecting if not playing vampire counts, all my 40k armies are morally grey so why not have and evil army (or atleast unholy). I’ve had a thing for vampires for years and have added the odd vampire miniature into my collection but never an army’s worth

  • Vampire lord conversions (one using Yvraine as the base model)
  • Start Collectiong box
  • battle tome




* the reason i have listed all this is because i can’t afford most of it and well if anyone feels like sending me stuff i would love to unbox things from fans, plus i wanted to list some stuff that i want to cover, i may come back to this list and remove things as i get them (be it me buying them or people giving me stuff) once the video is up

foam fortifications can be easy to make


so i’ll cover it more detail soon but making your own gaming terrain can be quite simple, i shortly after moving into my new place found some foam packaging next to the road during hard rubbish and knew i could do something with it. well the result is above though i did use some card and glues to attach bits together then mounted the main bunker on 1 foot square piece of thick card. i have afew things left to do to it before i start painting it but it was worth sharing now

*note the lego in the background is my housemates*

2017 wh40k Cosplays

so here are my list of 40k cosplays i will be doing this year. though i will capture the making of each prop and costume not all of these recordings will be done in tutorial format. so here is the list


  • Imperial Guard Cadian: (Trooper, sergeant and later heavy weapons team)
  • Imperial Guard Steel Legion: (Trooper, Sargent)
  • Adeptus Arbites: Enforcer, Sargent, Heavy
  • Sister of Battle: Battle Sister,Superior, Seraphim
  • Inquisitor Greyfax (oz comic con comp entry)
    Inquisitor Greyfax
  • Space Marine Scout/Neophyte (chapter yet to be revealed)
  • Imperial Guard Commissar
  • Kasrkan storm trooper (can shoot straight)
  • Tech priest engineseer

    *these costumes are listed not in order of appearance*

thinking that every two – three months this year i will make one of theses costumes and cover the making of the props for them in separate videos, note i will upload greyfax’s build videos after comic con in July

Youtube prop making video no.1: Godwyn Deaz pattern Bolter 1

So i have decided the 1st tutorial will be making a Sisters of Battle bolter which will [sealed by inquisitorial idict]

1st step i will need to do is work out the templates and get glue, then the recording can begin.

when the video is made and uploaded i will include the link in this post

acknolagements to the librarium online user who uploaded the picture

1,000 subscribers comps youtube and facebook

So the title isn’t a lie, to help expand by following on both You tube and Facebook i will be running two subscriber comps one for my facebook page and the other for my youtube. with my expanding my youtube to cover prop making in the very near future i figured why not give something back to my fans once i have them so here it is

Facebook 1,000 followers comp:

  • 1st prize: one prop from the small weapons and accessories collection (which i will be designating once i’ve made the items for) or 1 A3 colour print (once i’ve got costumes worthy of prints in my own eyes)
  • 2nd prize: 1 a4 colour print (once i’ve got them available)

    *if i reach 2,500 subscribers i will run this comp again. *

Youtube 1,000 subscriber comp:

  • 1st Prize: one Small prop from the small weapons and accessories collection or one small terrain piece which may have been built on the channel
  • if i get to 10k followers on youtube by the end of 2017 i will give away one of the battle fields (in 2 square foot terrain tile format) that i make during the year for games (though winner will need to arrange postage unless they live in the same state as me)
    or i will give away one medium prop (i can’t post over a meter long object so that would be the limit)
  • if i am close to 40k subscribers by the end of 2017 i will give away a marine scout costume to a subscriber who is close to my body shape (but this expires at the end of 2017)


*prizes will only be drawn once i hit the subscriber counts and remain above it for more then a month (gotta love youtube unsubscribing people, you will need to have your subscriptions public to qualify as i need to be able to count who is in the comp*

** i will choose what props and accessories go in but i am open to audience suggestions on things they’d like to see me make**

*** note these rules are subject to change at my whim***

links to fb page and youtube channel


sorry to any of my wordpress followers who might feel left out but it is worth saying that any of my model making and prop making tutorials that use other people’s copyright (eg dc – 17 side arms or 40k inspired gothic eagle stuff) will have the patterns uploaded here before the vid goes live, infact you guys will see these patterns at the same time my patreon subscribers would get to watch the videos